Flash Based Simulation

I create a simulation for my project to present in Flash. I am using three video renders of the 3D rooms that I created in after effects. When loaded it starts to loop the video on one side of the wall. I can then use key controls to change where in the room the video appears based on which way the user would be standing. I am using Flash to demonstrate how the user will interact with the video.

3D Design and Editing

I am creating a 3D room in After Effects to show how this project will work when set up in real life. I am using different images and video to construct the room. There will be a walk through for us to see what will happen when the user enters the room and lights a cigarette and if the user tries to face away from the wall.
This is one of the videos I am going to present on the final submission date. The video is too big to upload here.


I shoot the footage on a Canon 5D Mark II. I used two actors to shot the footage. I placed the actors against a wall and got a close up of just their face. I wanted the actors to come across as intimidating and intense. I am only going to use one actor for the final piece but I wanted to have more options for the edit. Here's how the videos came out:


I am going to be using two senors in this project. The first senor is a carbon monoxide senor. This will detect the smoke from the cigarette. This will then trigger the video to start playing. Once the video starts to play the second set of senors will start to act. These are webcams. They will pick up on the users face so that it will display the main piece of footage onto the wall the user is facing. If the user tries to turn away from the video their face will be picked up again.


Concept Idea

My idea is to create a video piece that is triggered by a Carbon Monoxide Sensor. This video will be placed in smoking areas and in public places such as bus stops. Once a cigarette is lit the video will be triggered and start to play. A man will appear on screen and start to lecture the smoker on the effects on smoking. A webcam and other senors will be triggered to monitor the movements of the smoker. If the smoker tries to walk away the video the video will change and the lecture will start to shout at them.